Anniversary Ornamental Cherry Blossom Avenue 3 Pack Prunus Kanzan:8-10cm Girth – inclusive of round tree stake; tree tie & spiral rabbit protection


In celebration of our 40th year of trading, we have created our Anniversary Avenue Pack  for which we have chosen the Prunus Kanzan to be our flagship ornamental tree .

The Prunus Kanzan is an ornamental, deciduous, medium-sized cherry tree, with a vase shaped crown when young that spreads to a rounded shape with age. It has large leaves that emerge as a coppery red along with masses of exceptionally showy, dark pink, double flowers which open from crimson buds. The large leaves then change to green in summer before turning to spectacular seasonal shades of yellow, orange and crimson in the autumn.

The Prunus Kanzan is widely considered one of the best ornamental pink cherries available, favoured particularly for the reliable production of a profusion of blossom. This tree will reach a mature height of approximately 8m, ideal for any size garden, park or woodland and often planted as a specimen tree or spectacular on an avenue.

In each pack we are offering 3 x 8/10cm girth trees, approximately 12-14′ in height, in addition to which, each pack  will include a complimentary robust machine turned round stake, buckle tree tie and spiral rabbit protection.

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The planting season for bare-rooted trees and shrubs is generally between the months of November – March

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  • Type: Field Grown
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Bare root available from November

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