Betula Pubescens – Downy Birch

Elegant, fast-growing tree not unlike the Silver Birch, but suited to wetter soils and damper conditions.

Darker scaly bark with horizontal lines and peeling into papery layers. Cones and catkins. Leaves have down on the veins underneath and a rough upper surface when young, which distinguishes it from the Silver Birch. Height to 21m (70′)

The planting season for bare-rooted trees and shrubs is generally between the months of November – March

Additional info

  • Type: Field Grown
  • Size: Medium
  • Native to Britain: Yes
  • Type: Hedge sized plants (under 120cm) are sold in multiples of 25 - we regret we cannot split bundles of :- 30-40; 40-60; 60-90 & 90-120cm
  • Use: Size 120-150cm upwards are available individually or in unspecified numbers
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