Small Garden Fruit Tree Pack of 3 x 5′-8′ Bush Variety (including stake, tie & spiral)


Create your own mini orchard by planting a mixed pack of 3 x 5′-8′ bush fruit trees. Perfect if you haven’t yet decided on what you want, but require a variety.

Packs are our choice of a balanced selection of 1 Apple 1 Plum & 1 Pear – all either Self Fertile or compatible / Cross Pollinating and Northern hardy.

Bush variety are perfect for smaller gardens as they are more compact, easy to pick as the branches start lower than a traditional 1/2 standard orchard tree. They will still make approximately 18′ at maturity.

All packs include a complementary tree stake, tree tie and rabbit spiral per tree.

  • Delivery not included – will be calculated on check out

The planting season for bare-rooted trees and shrubs is generally between the months of November – March

Additional info

  • Type: Field Grown
  • Size: Small
  • Native to Britain: Yes

Bare root available from November

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