November 2018

If you are considering planting bare-rooted trees and shrubs this winter make sure the ground is prepared and in suitable condition for planting. You may need to spray off or clear weeds and other vegetation to ensure a clean planting area and add a suitable soil improver or fresh top soil if required.

Grants from Defra / Natural England  towards establishing new woodlands are open for new applications  – please enquire.

The applicant and the land need to be registered with the Rural Payments Agency in order to qualify for an application and the minimum area for the scheme is 1 hectares which can be made up of smaller blocks of 1/4 hectare or more.

If this is of interest please give us a ring as soon as possible to discuss the opportunities.

Hedgerow plants are lifted and ready for planting – please order on-line or give us a ring – we will be pleased to help at any time. 9.00-5.00

We have some marvellous offers on feathered trees of 150-240cm – please see our  Special Offers section on the home page.