Our bare rooted products that are up to 90cm (3ft) may be ‘Notch’ planted by making two vertical notches at right angles with a spade, opening up the notch and inserting the plant in the soil. This should be no deeper than the plant has already been growing.

Larger plants should be pit-planted, by removing a square of soil and spreading the roots well out in the pit before back filling with soil. Add compost if the soil is poor.

If you are using a tree shelter then place this carefully over the planted tree and secure with a stake. Where rabbit spirals are used, insert a bamboo cane alongside the plant to provide stability. Ensure that the plant is well firmed in.

If you are planting root-balled trees loosen the top but do not remove the netting or mesh.

It is important to eliminate all weeds around each plant using a contact herbicide such as glyphosate. This can be done quite effectively by a polythene or organic mulch.

When using any spray always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

All trees and plants should be watered regularly, particularly during prolonged dry spells.