We can offer you advice on this once the type of hedgerow has been decided.

Hedgerows are usually formed of a double staggered row. When deciding which pattern to follow, think about why you are planting the hedgerow and how you intend to manage it.

In the table below are our recommendations for a range of species.

Hedgerow Spacing: Recommendations

Species Spacing in rows Species Spacing in rows
Lonicera nitida 12″ single Beech 18″ double
Holly 12″ single Blackthorn 12″ double
Laurel 24″ single Field maple 12″ single
Lawson’s Cypress 24-36″ single Quickthorn 9″ double
Leylandii 24-36″ single Ramanus rose 12″ double
Privet 12″ single Mixed hedge 6-9” double
Yew 18-24″ single

Hedgerows are usually planted in either single or double staggered rows