July & August 2022


We trust your recently planted trees and hedge plants have now settled in to their new surroundings and are flourishing well. It is important that you keep on watering the plants in periods of warm dry weather to aid successful establishment, and especially so with larger feathered and standard trees where the roots have a significant amount of ‘top growth’ to support.

Try to keep surrounding vegetation to a minimum during this early season of growth. Grasses and weeds can take vital moisture and nutrients away from the plants at this critical time of year and it is preferable to use a glyphosate type herbicide sprayed around the base of the trees wherever possible (be careful not to allow spray drift onto new plant leaves and buds and always follow the manufacturers recommendations). Strimming will clear the vegetation and improve the visual appearance but does not stop it growing and taking up moisture from the soil. Mulching around the base with an organic mulch around the base of the tree may help to conserve moisture in some situations.

Trees and shrubs may benefit from a light top dressing of a proprietary fertiliser at this time of year especially if soils are shallow and thin with minimal nutrient quality.

Always check tree ties during the summer months and slacken off from the stem if required and remember to ‘firm- up’ supporting stakes in windy situations.