March & April 2023

With the recent warmer weather and onset of Spring, our nursery is greening up, plants are budding and leaves are breaking out on trees and shrubs.. sadly it will soon be time to say goodbye to bare root plants. They will be available again in November, but until then we will only be offering container-grown trees and shrubs, available through our website.

Thank you to all our customers new and old who have purchased stock from us during the 2022/23 winter season.

Post-planting care is critical. Don’t let your trees dry out, but also don’t over-water it either as this can starve the roots of oxygen. To get the balance right, slide a trowel down through the soil to gauge how much moisture is present. Keep the planting area free of weeds and make sure there is enough bare soil around the tree so its roots aren’t competing with other plants or weeds for water and nutrients. Mulching helps too, but make sure the mulch doesn’t touch the trunk as it can soften and rot the bark. Follow these easy tips and your new trees will soon reward you with a growth spurt!