Wych Elm – Ulmus Glabra:150 – 180cm


The Wych elm has oval leaves which have an asymmetrical base, toothed edges, and taper to a fine point at the tip.

When in bloom, the Wych elm displays beautiful red to purple flowers that grow in clusters along its branches.

Pollinated flowers produce small, winged fruits called samaras with seeds at their centre, which are dispersed by wind.

In the UK, there has been a devastating decline in elm populations since the arrival of Dutch Elm Disease, one of the most destructive tree diseases of the 20th century.

Before the decimation of the British elm population, they were the second most important broadleaf timber trees in Britain after oak.

Elms are also highly valued for adding beauty to our landscapes and supporting many other species in UK native woodlands, such as the White-letter hairstreak butterfly.

Conservation of British elms, such as Wych elm, is essential to avoid losing these national treasures forever.

The planting season for bare-rooted trees and shrubs is generally between the months of November – March

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  • Type: Field Grown
  • Size: Large
  • Size: 150 - 180
  • Native to Britain: Yes
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Bare root available from November

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