We are pleased to offer help and advice with many aspects of the below schemes and complete applications on your behalf as appropriate.

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English Woodland Grant Scheme – Forestry Commission

The English Woodland Grant Scheme was introduced in England in mid July 2005, replacing the existing Woodland Grant Scheme, and is aimed at providing funds for the creation of new woodlands and the management of existing woods across the countryside. Similar schemes are available in Scotland and Wales.

Subject to a scoring system where various criteria such as size, wildlife, landscape and public benefit are assessed the woodland creation grant pays £1800 per hectare plus substantial extra funding for woodlands close to populated areas, and also for allowing public access. The woodland regeneration grant assists with costs for either re-planting or supporting natural regeneration within existing woodlands. Further grants are also available for woodland improvement operations and specific assessment and management projects.

Farm Woodland Payments Scheme – Forestry CommissionThe Farm Woodland Payment scheme replaces the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme and provides compensatory payment for the conversion of agricultural land to new woodland. Payments are on an annual basis for 10 to 15 years depending on the type of woodland planted and the nature of the land converted, and are subject to acceptance under the woodland creation scheme.

Local Authority Grant Schemes

Local, District and County Councils may offer grant aid for conservation projects of varying size and purpose including tree and hedge planting. It is always worth contacting your local council for further information and advice. Similarly various conservation groups and charities may be able to assist with grant aid.

Environmental Stewardship – Defra

Defra has recently introduced the Environmental Stewardship Scheme aimed at providing funds to farmers and land managers in England for effective environmental management of their land.

The Entry Levels Scheme offers payment on a ‘whole farm’ basis for supporting the good stewardship of the land and is operated on a points scoring basis.

The Higher Level Scheme is designed to achieve a wide range of environmental benefits across the whole farm and provides funding for more targeted land management and a wide range of specific capital items which enhance the conservation value of the land.