Apples, Pears, Plums, Cherries….

We have an excellent selection of heritage and traditional fruit trees available for planting at any time over the bare – root season. An orchard of apples, pears, plums and cherries creates a delightful addition to any garden or woodland area and will supply you with delicious Autumn fruits for years to come. Our fruit tree section is currently under maintenance, however there will be a full compliment of stock available from the following varieties, ..ready from November 2022.

Apples:- James Grieve; Kings Acre Pippin; Braeburn; Bountiful; Royal Gala; Howgate Wonder; Laxton Superb; Worcester Pearmain; Blenheim Orange; Lord Lambourne; Katy; Egremont Russet; Ellison Orange; Cox’s Orange Pippin; Bramley; Spartan.

Pears:- Conference; Concorde; Doyenne du Commice; Beth; Williams Bon Cretian; Beurre Hardy.

Cherries:- Lapins Cherokee; Morello; Stella.

Plums:- Early Rivers; Belle de Louvain; Anna Spath; Angelina Burdett; Gordon Castle; Purple Pershore; Jubilee; Giant Santa Rosa; Belgian Purple; Kilnwick; Laxtons Cropper; Coe’s Golden Drop; Czar; and the Nations ‘favourite’ ..Victoria.

Gages:- Oullins Golden; Old English.

Damsons:- Merryweather; German Prune.




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